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Innovation and originality

Continuously testing activities allows us to research for new sound and obtain every kind of mallet with unique features.


Design your custom mallet and we will realize it according to your specific requests.

Top quality materials

The materials we used are carefully selected and come from all over the world to ensure a finished product with the highest quality.

Attention to details

Every mallet model is studied in detail, resulting in greater elegance and functionality to the product.

Handle selection

Rattan and bamboo handles are carefully selected for diameter, color, weight, flexibility... coupled to obtain a perfect set.

Handmade products

Each mallet is created from scratch and totally handmade with top quality materials.

Your Mallet!

Can't you find ideal mallets for your musician needs?

Thanks to Mg mallets you'll never have to search further. With Your Mallets you finally will be able to costumize various details for example, the diameter and the length of handles, the weight of the mallets and many other features...

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Artists & Friends

Ali Can Öztan

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

I have never played with mallet as balanced, weighted, toned, durable and master crafted as MG mallets also have never met with artisan as kind, related and the best in his business as Marco!

Davide Ravioli

Timpanist Orchestra Fondazione Teatro Massimo of Palermo

The Mg Mallets are built with extreme care and precision, I think they are among the best I've ever played. The genius of Marco struck me because on his way to experiment new models with new techniques and materials creates new synergies between the musicians and the producer and the results you see (and feel!)
Thanks Marco!

Fausto Alimeni

Timpanist Orchestra Fondazione Teatro Massimo of Palermo

The collaboration with Mg mallets produced the mallets to measure for me. Sound, balance, weight... all perfect in any context and musical language.
Never run out!

Domenico Cagnacci

Timpanist Haydn Orchester von Bozen und Trient

The wide range offered by Mg mallets allows to have the right sound for each repertoire from classical to contemporary. The attention to detail in processing and research of the best materials help to achieve a highly professional product. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to use these mallets thanks to the availability and expertise of Mg mallets are fully customizable.
Thanks MG Mallets!

Paolo Rossini

Timpanist Orchestra Fondazione Arena di Verona

I think these mallets are really well built, with attention on all possible aspects. I often use models of the Timpani Classic Series and some of Barocco Series... allow me to have all the sounds and timbre needed for the Opera and more.
Excellent job!

Alessandro Monteduro

Orchestra Festival di Sanremo - Ensemble Notte della Taranta

I use these mallets for a long time! Trying different models in various musical situations I could appreciate the versatility and excellent balance which makes the execution perfectly natural.

Antonio Ceravolo

Timpanista Principal Timpanist Rijeka Opera House

Mg Mallets are really of the highest quality. I highly recommend them as they perform well on all types of heads. I have personally experienced all the models in Theaters and Concert Halls... they have always met my expectations.

Arnaud Oster

Timpanista Orchestre National Des Pays De La Loire

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